We have the necessary infrastructure for operations of exportation and importation in the main customs of USA (Los Angeles, Newark/New York, Houston, Miami, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Oakland, New Orleans, Port Everglades, border infrastructure with México, among others) to and from anywhere in the world.

Our office network allows us to service of Customs of exportation and importation for goods in all its modes: Maritime Transport, Air Transport, Ground Transport or Multimodal Transport. With the guarantee of providing administrative and fiscal security in all your operations for exportation and importation.


In R.H. Shipping we are aware of the importance of customs clearance in the productive, tax and accounting areas of your company, in the same way, we know that time is crucial in all overseas trade operations, so we are committed to make an excellent customs management for exportation, providing a comprehensive service of:

  • Notice of arrival of exportation goods.
  • Document review.
  • Payment request.
  • Review of goods.
  • Copy of request via mail and system.
  • Technical and legal advice for customs purposes.
  • Staff dedicated to your export operations
  • Flat Rates.
  • Market Service.
  • Permanent communication
  • Classification of goods
  • Management of any type of goods including dangerous and perishables.
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