In R.H. Shipping, we think big and the major of our projects is the satisfaction of our customers. The accuracy in each of the loading and unloading of oversized and heavy equipment is key in all our operations of Project Cargo for Exportation and Importation.

We also have an expert and proactive team in designing and management solutions of project cargo. We have the support of suppliers of Ground, Air, Maritime Transport and Customs Services. Which are specialized in this type of Goods with excess on size and/or weight. Who together with us and our customers, developed solutions and layouts to disarm and re-arm transport plants, offshore platforms, pipelines and more.

Project Cargo

We have the best suppliers of Air, Maritime, Ground and Multimodal Transport, who give us preferential conditions for the Transport of Exportation and Importation of Project cargo on the type of unit you want, offering:

  • Space solutions and customized tracking 24/7.
  • Domestic Transfers.
  • Customs Agents specialized in the Industry.
  • Specialized equipment for any type of project cargo.
    • Chartering of vessels.
    • Offshore Solutions.
    • Barges.
    • Semi-submersible Ships.
    • Ro/Ro
    • Charter.
    • Break Bulk.
    • Flatbeds.
    • Step Decks.
    • Double Drops.
    • Modular.
    • Air Crane.
    • Etcetera.
  • Integrated Services Door-Door.
  • Handling of Dangerous Cargo.
  • Maneuvers of loading and unloading.
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