R.H. Shipping has a wide range of providers for services of Maritime Transport of exportation from USA to anywhere in the world, offering departure from any port of USA

Ocean Freight Export Transportation
  • Adequate services to the needs of each type of cargo, client and/or trading negotiation.
  • Customized service 24/7.
  • Customs Clearance Services at Origin and/or Destination.
  • Web Tracking Service.
  • Quotes in less than 24 hours (Port-Port).
  • FCL, LCL, Break Bulk, Ro/Ro, Chartering and Refrigerated Services.
  • Special projects.

We provide logistics solutions for each type of customer:

Full Container Load (FCL)

We transport your goods according to their particularity, using the type of container that best suits the needs of Maritime Transport of exportation of each product.

  • Dry Van 20′,40′ and 40’HC.
  • Reefer 20’RF, 40’HRF.
  • Open Top 20’OT, 40’OT.
  • Flat Racks 20’FR, 40’FR.
  • ISOtanks and Flexitanks.

Consolidated Load (LCL)

We offer the solution of Transport Maritime Consolidated of exportation to any destination in the world. Covering the specific needs of your logistics operations without the need to wait to send a full container. We can consolidate your cargo along with other exporters.

Break Bulk and Ro/Ro

Break Bulk cargo is characterized by loose cargo and the nature of the product, size and weight that cannot be transported in a container, so the team of experts of R.H. Shipping offers solutions of Maritime Transport of exportation under special conditions.

The Ro/Ro Cargo has the peculiarity of being load and unloaded on their own or with the help of specialized rolling equipment. Our team of Maritime Transport guarantees the correct handling of your exportation cargo.

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