In R.H. Shipping we are leaders in the market of importations from Asia, with a own network of agents and offices who will offer the necessary infrastructure to be able to offer the service of Maritime Transport of Importation from the nearest port and that best suits your needs to import your cargo from Afghanistan.

Maritime Imports in Asia

Do you need to make an importation from Kabul or any other city in Afghanistan, to the destination of your choice in Mexico or anywhere else in the world?

Our staff will provide the logistics solution that best suits your needs of International Transport, always considering the time, cost and particularity the type of cargo you want to Transport.

We have our own offices and agents throughout Asia in order to ensure proper handling of your cargo, regardless of its type, weight or volume.

Furthermore, we are leaders in the market for imports from Asia, which guarantees preferential fees and spaces with the market's top shipping lines.

We invite you to select a country of origin to find out about RH Shipping's offers for you.