We offer a range of solutions tailored to the needs of the Manufacturing industry, from machinery, steel, piping, PET, wood, masts, etc. Our project department will offer you a suitable logistical solution for those kinds of cargo which due to their size, weight or peculiarities can’t be transported in a standard manner, whether by Ocean Freight, Air Transport, Overland Transport or Multimodal for export, import or within the country.

Manufacturing industry

Furthermore, we have specialists in disassembly, packaging, transportation, customs, both at the origin and destination, to offer you project cargo solutions such as:

  • Space solutions and 24/7 personalized monitoring.
  • Customs Brokers specializing in the industry.
  • Specialized equipment for any kind of project cargo.
    • Vessel chartering.
    • Barges.
    • Semi-submersible Vessels.
    • Ro/Ro
    • Charter.
    • Break Bulk.
    • Flatbeds.
    • Step Decks.
    • Double Drops.
    • Modulars.
    • Aerial Cranes.
    • Etcetera.
  • Integrated Door-to-Door Services.
  • Hazardous Cargo Handling.
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers.