R.H. Shipping places point-by-point monitoring (Tracking) solutions at your disposal as well its 24/7 personalized assistance service in order to ensure correct handling and monitoring of each project cargo during export, import by Domestic or International Overland Transport, Ocean Freight, Air Transport or Multimodal Transport.

Regardless of your cargo’s weight or dimensions, ranging from spare parts up to parts which due to their volume or weight must be handled in a special manner according to the needs of the aerospace industry, our team of experts will offer you the best logistical solution for your project cargo.

Aerospace industry

Our own 24/7 staff will present you with a product portfolio according to your needs, offering you:

  • Space solutions and personalized tracking.
  • Customs Brokers specializing in the industry.
  • Specialized equipment for any kind of project cargo.
    • Vessel chartering.
    • Barges.
    • Semi-submersible Vessels.
    • Ro/Ro
    • Charter.
    • Break Bulk.
    • Flatbeds.
    • Step Decks.
    • Double Drops.
    • Modulars.
    • Aerial Cranes.
    • Etcetera.
  • Integrated Door-to-Door Services.
  • Hazardous Cargo Handling.
  • Loading and unloading maneuvers.